Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, January 5

I woke up this morning feeling better than yesterday- I'm really good at kicking a cold in the butt before it gets too far with me. Tons of Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea do it every time. I am feeling a little 'off' this morning, though. Wondering if I should try and complete the 30-Day Shred today or not. I have grad class later this afternoon, so going to the gym is not an option today with all the other wedding-related things I want to accomplish (and the blogging I have to do!!!)

I did end up doing the 30 Day Shred right before lunch. Now I'm feeling more like myself again!

Breakfast: instant organic oatmeal- 4 WW points
skim milk- 2 WW points
Matevana tea

Snack: blueberry and strawberry smoothie- 3 WW points

Lunch: tuna melt (on multigrain light English Muffin, no mayo, cheddar cheese)
celery sticks

Snack: apple, almonds, dried cranberries

Dinner: chicken quesadilla with avacado

I got all of my errands done for today- I was so happy because school is starting again on Wednesday. I started my new trimester of grad classes- we only had class for about 30 min and then I took advantage of getting out early and went to the gym where I did 25 minutes running and 10 minutes on the stairmaster. I hadn't done that in a loooooong time, I'm predicting sore legs tomorrow, especially after doing the Shred today, too!

Tomorrow is my first dress fitting! I can't wait! The big day will be here in no time...

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