Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back after a long hiatus!

Finally! I thought I would never see the day! Our computer got a virus some time ago and we just kept trying to use it like always- until one day it just stopped all together! She was out of commision for about 2 weeks total- including the week that the IT guy had her. She just came home this morning and I have been giving her some well-deserved attention! It is so nice to feel 'connected' again!

Now for the dieting updates- things have been going, well.....just okay. I have been trying my darnedest but I think that the new Fiber Plus bars that I introduced into my diet on Wednesday have thrown me a curve ball. At the store on Tuesday I thought- how can one go wrong with a nice, filling, fiber bar of only 120 cal, 5 g fat and 9 g fiber!?!?! (All only 2 WW points- and delish!) Well, I guess when one already has problems with fiber (I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago- sorry if that is TMI) processed, tasty fiber bars can wreak havok on one's internal systems!!! Luckily, I was feeling well enough to get a good workout in on Wednesday afternoon, but Thursday and Friday did not turn out as well. Yesterday I tried running for about 10 minutes and my stomach was so cramped up that I had to stop- so I tried the eliptical for another 10 but had to get off. I am going to try again today- but so far my stomach is just so-so this afternoon- it has been a little sketchy to say the least, although not as bad as yesterday, so I am hopeful!

Today's diet
Breakfast- 2 Kashi whole wheat frozen waffles with berries and low-cal syrup on top, glass of skim milk
Snack- Teavana tea
Lunch- Lentil soup, 1 small apple, 2 peices dark chocolate
Snack- Teavana tea & banana

I am back on the bandwagon now. Three books that I have been reading that have been VERY helpful are "How the Rich Get Thin" by Dr. Jana Klauer, "Making the Cut" by Jillian Michaels (from Biggest Loser) and "The Daily Fix" by Alexa L. Fishback.

I have read the first two cover to cover but I like to keep them around for reference. "How the Rich Get Thin" is very inspirational and is mostly a nutrition- based book. "Making the Cut" includes more exercises and suggestions for losing the 'last few pounds', whereas "The Daily Fix" is more of a book on how to be healthy and make good choices every day. I recommend them all to anyone interested in losing weight or simply good health!

Only 58 days to go! WOW!

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  1. Yay! So glad you are back! =) I'm going to check that book out.